Wednesday, March 29, 2017



Supporting your workers and keeping a close eye on team morale is absolutely vital to success.  The principle is simple:

                                                If your look after staff,

                                                They will look after your customers.


              Try not to let anger cloud your judgement.  Consider the under lying causes of uncooperative attitudes and seek out solutions.


              Business is all about relationships, partnerships and collaboration.  Managing those means, making certain compromises.  The bottom line is that all relationships need to be nurtured.  Maintain good lines of communication, be willing to listen to other people’s point of view and don’t forget that ultimately you need to be comfortable with your decisions.


              Communicate to your team that blame is truly unproductive and emphasise that in order to build trust within the group, all member need to take responsibility for their action and face up to the consequences.  Never compromise on your business’s purpose or your quality of services.


              Diversity within the workface is tremendously beneficial, and this extends to employees who think and operate in different ways. The same goes for having team member who sometimes challenge a leader’s decision. If handled correctly, opposing voices can help you grow the business.


Shared from article by

Sir Richard Charles Nicholes Branson

Handling Difficult Relationship

The Original Disruptor

SMEBIZ, Monday ,25 April 2016

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