Monday, April 3, 2017

First impressions

First impressions are the impression you make at first sight.  You may not get a second chance.  So make sure you leave a favourable impact the first time around
People come from all walks of life.  No matter who they are, the strength of connection is established by that all-important first impression.  So, it’s important to make a good and lasting first impression, especially for entrepreneurs, at all stages of their careers.  In some part of it, it has to do with appearance.
According to Mark Twain (author), when it comes to first impression, dress is one of vital importance.  Clothes make the man (Mark Twain).  Next is the handshake.  From childhood we have all been urged to look the other person straight in the eye and offer a firm handshake.  This moment of human contact is essential.  Of course, don’t overdo the eye contact or bone crush the handshake.
Trust is a critical issue in every relationship.  And certainly, good manners are often a factor.  Using the word please and thank you frequently will help you to make a favourable first impression.
Finally, what you say matters.  The ability to communicate effectively is the key to every aspects of our lives.  True leadership is not about domination.  It’s about building trust and empathy through strong relationships.
So, be genuine on the first meeting.  Be clear and direct.  This will speaks volumes about who you are – an information that can never be conveyed on the best resume.  Remember, do not try too hard to be funny.  Don’t use forced and scripted humour.  Not everyone can carry off a joke at a business meeting.  So go easy.  Be sure the jokes are appropriate and the person you’re meeting is going to understand them.
You truly never get a second chance to make a first impression.  So smile, be yourself, look them in the eye and ‘knock’em dead!’
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A Recipe For First Impression
By Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson
Founder of Virgin Group
SMEBiz, Monday
29 February 2016

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