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A to-do list is a list of all the tasks you plan to accomplish on any given day or week.  It used to be on a piece of paper stuck on the fridge.  Nowadays they’re more likely to be reminders keyed into your calendar.

There a now some apps or program that can help organise your day and achieve what you set out to accomplish.
1.    Timeful
·         Helps categorise tasks and assist by forming good habits.
·         Automatically suggests time slots for various task based on your calendar
·         Helps users select their most productive time, work days and hours
·         Has ability to learn your inclinations
·         Integrates well with Google Calendar, the stock calendar app., Outlook / Exchange, etc.
·         Free on iTunes and App Store.

2.    OneNote
·         Can link roles to the original document or a meeting from outlook calendar
·         Can also record audio and videos
·         Easy to add small image tags, to individual notes.

3.    Omnifocus 2
·         Great at managing messy and unorganised styles
·         Allows to create customised folders, filter out projects, context. Or folders.
·         Has additional sorting options for lists you need to access often.

4.    Remember The Milk
·         Allows users to add tasks like firing off an email according to pre-set time
·         Can also use siri on ios to add tasks.
·         Can share to do list with your contacts

5.    Habit RPG
·         Free productivity game for your to do list
·         Doles out both in-game rewards and punishments within a social network setting
·         Help achieve goals

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