Tuesday, May 3, 2016


1.      The Mind Trick That Helps You Succeed: When heading into a though presentation
·         Image you’re in a movies as the lead character
·         Visualize yourself from the third person perspective
·         Step back and see what it would look like to achieve your goals

2.      Focusing on happy faces reinforce your ability to turn your attention away from things like criticism and conflict
- Mark Baldwin, Ph. D

3.      Talk your way smarter
·         Socializing is just as effective as mental exercises for improving intellectual performance
·         Conversations are more complicated then they seem.  They require a surprising amount of mental work.  Just 10 minutes day is enough to give your mind if boost
- Oscar Ybarra, Ph. D

4.      Brainstorm Your Way Healthy
You work out, eat well and don’t smoke, but if longevity is your goal, add another habit:
Being creative.
Study from the University of Texas found that people who were imaginative on the job were in better physical health.
Learning new things and problem solving stimulate the mind and body (John Microwsky, Ph.D)

5.      Be the best boss ever: 3 tips
i.                    Don’t be everyone’s buddy
·            It’s fine to share a few details about your family or your hobbies, but avoid tales of weekend antes or last night’s fight with your mom.
ii.                  Divvy up the work
·         Delegating projects to your staff helps them develop new skills and keeps you from feeling bogged down
iii.                Tell rather than ask
·         Male bosses give directives while women bosses tend to make requests.

6.      Honesty is the best office policy
Being truthful and taking responsibility shows your co workers you respect them, and that makes them feel valued.  Taking steps to make up for harm done, also goes a long way towards developing trust.

Simon Pervan
University Of Bath
Shapiz Maganizie

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