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Stress management is about being able to relax, and convincing your nervous system to switch off the “fight or flight” response.  Hypnosis can help you manage stress in 2 ways:
1.    Work on your nervous systems to get it into a relax state
2.    Work on your subconscious mind to modify behaviour

The word “hypnosis” makes people start to imagine something mystical.  Actually under hypnosis, the conscious mind, which is a very critical part of the mind, is pushed to one side, but not completely switched off.  Positive suggestion for the subconscious mind can made to be accepted.

When under stress, the body responds in a primitive way for survival known as the “fight or flight response”.  Increase in adrenaline will cause the heart rate to increase, blood pressure to rise and muscle to tense up.  Perpetual tension caused by worries – deadlines, traffic delayed, etc -  may result in headaches, back pain and high blood pressure, which may lead to heart disease and stroke.  Tumour necrosis factor (TNF) which protects the body form tumours, is also involved in the body’s response to stress.  So when we are stressed the TNF is busy responding to it, thus neglecting its function of destroying pre-cancer cells in the body, making us more predisposed to cancer (Peter Mabbutt, director of studies at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis).

The mind effects the body and vice versa.  Thus, if we can change our emotional and psychological state, it will facilitate a change in our physiological state.

All medical and psychological condition has an element of stress.  We have to deal with the impact of stress and need to learn coping strategies.  Day dreaming is the body’s way if managing stress.  Hypnosis connect us to what we do naturally so that the body and mind can be in harmony.  During hypnosis, imagery gives us a sense of control, decreasing stress levels.

Everybody faced situations that are stressful, but the key is how to handle it.  But saying to yourself that you’re feeling good.  This will creates a positive state of mind.  Hypnosis can also be a way to help people manage their weight and improve their eating habits.  Hypnosis has proven successful in many instances of helping smokers beat their habit.

Shared from article by
Wah Ker-Hsin
The Feel Good Focus
Shape, August 2007

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