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Often students don’t remember what you teach them.
They remember who you are.

          Decades in the classroom teaching, has been a teacher’s privilege to touch and be touched by the lives of thousands of students. It’s actually an opportunity to assist them to achieve their potential and find their niche in life. Even so, some teacher may still wonder what more they could have done to make things better both in substance and in the method of delivery.

Law Teacher’s Role
·         Disseminates ideals, principles and doctrines.
·         Promotes activity of though and receptivity to beauty and humane feeling
·         Infuse a desire for knowledge.
·         Shares the exhilarations of the adventure of ideas.
·         Leads students to take shores of knowledge and encourage them to explore beautiful secrets that lie buried and await discovery.
·         Tries to make different things look simple and simple things look rich.

Mirror as well as candle
·         Reflects the light produced by others
·         Also strives to become the candle that adds to the world’s glow of knowledge
·         Provide intellectual leadership
·         Pushes the horizons of knowledge farther.

Moulder of character
·         Motivates, gives courage and faith
·         Builds confidence in abilities.
·         Shares conviction that there is no task beyond our ability.
-       With persistence, ordinary people can achieve extra ordinary feats.
-       It’s attitude, not aptitude that determines attitude
-       Genius is 10% inspiration 90% perspiration.

Loco Parentis
·         As surrogate parent and counsellor
·         Cares for the welfare and the emotional and intellectual health of this wards
·         Teaching is partnership between student and educator
·         Teaches with his heart as well as his mind.

·         An academician builds processes but leaves outcomes to the process users.
·         Teaches student how to think, not what to think
·         Impart facts and values, more importantly he invites students to assemble facts into fresher combinations.

Questioning permitted
·         Creates an environment in which respectful questioning and criticism is allowed, dialogue is permitted, and introspection and a sharing of doubts and beliefs are encouraged.
·         Encourages constructive criticism and reform.
·         Aware that the mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled (Plutarch).
·         Accepts that there are always conflicting interpretations.
-       More often than not, there are no right answers.
-       Disagreeing with someone does not mean we should demonise or stereotype them.
-       After a well-researched rational, legal challenge to his review of thing.

Two-way educator
·         Learns from his wards both on what to teach and how to teach.
·         Understand the vastness of knowledge and the fact that no one can have a monopoly over the truth.
·         Treats his students as fellow travellers on the journey of knowledge
·         Does not speak form the mountaintop.
-       He do wells in the valleys of knowledge and gentry ushers his wards up to the mountain.

Promotes holistic view
·         Of knowledge and its inter-connectedness with all other fields of human thought.
·         Invites students to look at the law as it is, and also as it ought to be.
·         Points out what the law says and what it does.
·         Examines the law content and consequences
·         Invites student to look at rules and what is behind them to their political, moral, social and economic aims

·         Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.
·         Instil the desire for justice.
·         Develop a passion for fairness and justice for all, irrespective of race, religion, region or gender
·         Know his right and conscious of this duties and the right of others
·         Must understand that the first function of freedom is to free someone else.

credit: priya-angelsfunny.blogspot
Shared from article by:
Shad Saleem Faruqi
Reflecting on the law
The Star, Thursday
12 November 2015

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