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Article by Richard Charles Nicholas Branson
SMEBiz, Monday 16, May 2016

Smartphones have become such an important part of modern life.  It seems that some people just can’t put their devices down.  Thus, the issue of smartphone etiquette has come up

No one foresee how completely these devices transform our lives.  But still to conduct a meaningful dialogue, you need to look at the other person in the eye.  As business leader or entrepreneur, it’s important to think about how you share your ideas.  But do you realize
·       How many times have you sent a series of texts or emails when a single phone call would have been more expeditious?
·       How many times have you sent a text to someone a few offices away rather than walk down the corridor and talk to them directly?

Ultimately, business is about relationships.

My notes:
Communication comprises of verbal and non-verbal communication.  Verbal communication has no meaning or desired effect without tonation, expression and body language.

Texts and emails are mere words without any tonation, expression and of course no accompanying body language may it be a smile on the face.  Texts and words can be read ini any form of tonation as being perceived by the reader.  Bear in mind that there are many ways/tone that can be put when reading texts and words.

So when it comes to texting and emailing, be careful of the words chosen when forming sentences.  Emojis do help…..But still, do be careful of perception.

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