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Teamwork Cartoons: A Resource Guide
The true measure of a leader’s capabilities can only be fairly made against the perspective of the nation’s history.  It is no truism that a leader inherits the context of his leadership and is eventually defined by it.  Even with the most dynamic of personal qualities and the most innovative of visions, a leader’s success will only be in direct correlation to the mood of the citizenry and how receptive they are.

The modern leader has to answer to everything to ensure his credibility.  His mind, heart and soul are open books for all to read.  The leader in turn must be able to penetrate the deepest recesses of the national psyche to know what is expected of him.  It is often enough said that:
·         A good leader must have integrity, inspire trust, show capability and demonstrate resilience in his conduct and behaviour.
·         An inspiring leader must be missionary, innovative and creative his ideas and approach.
·         A dynamic leader must have the courage to rise to the occasion and above his people in the most trying of times.  He must be decisive and consistent but, at the same time, must be prepared to learn and modify his approach.
·         A respected leader must earn the people’s trust by going to the ground and understanding their problem first hand.
·         A credible leader is a man of his word.  His stick to his principles.
·         Effective leader ore teachable – their eyes and ears one always open to learn more, and they embrace change as a catalyst for growth and improvement.

Of course, not all of us will be called upon to lead at whatever level, but by internalising the leadership’s principles, we will be able to learn or sharpen leadership skills that will help to grow in our personal, press and spiritual life.  Through knowing other people experience’s, we can attain a level of leadership abilities that best serves us in our lives.

A leadership attribute which is not highlighted enough is teachability by connecting with the people he leads, a leader establishes a relationship and is thus able to sympathise and emphasize in a more genuine way.  When a leader is sincere, open and valuable, the leader inspire trust, hope and encouragement.  He learns from his people.  There are people who are mirrors of himself in character and drive, people who have the competence and energy to perform with excellence.

Leadership is a huge responsibility.  Change and challenges are volatile and sometimes explosive.  It becomes all the more important that the leadership is guide to by a set of levelling principles that will see it through these trying times.

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Halimah Mohd Said
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April 16,2011
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