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Cartoon: teamwork (medium) by HSB-Cartoon tagged team,plant,factory ...
Cartoon: teamwork (medium) by HSB-Cartoon tagged team,plant,factory

First you must understand that teamwork isn’t always the best means to an end.  When considering teamwork, ask where in the organisation that it is most needed.  Second, it is not enough to sell the benefits of teamwork if the opportunities can’t be identified.  The upper-management thinks that team-work is a great concept for everyone in the organization except them.  This usually happens when someone in leadership get inspired about the organizational benefits of teamwork which resulted in a mandate to create teamwork that is directed to middle management.

Middle management is of course expected to put their people through prerequisite training and take the necessary step to make it happen. It usually become obvious that upper management themselves either practises or support the concept of teamwork.  Teamwork only happens from the middle down.

For teamwork to happen/to work, it must be embraced, in principle and in practice, by everyone in the organisation. But the best place for a teamwork initiative is to start at the top.  A successful team is made up of members who:
·         Are interdependent (wiling to ask for help when they need it, and offer help when then can provide it)
·         Compete outwardly (not compete among themselves)
·         Are self-starters (understand the big picture and do not need to be told what to do)
·         Shared reward and sacrifices.

The best thing to strive for is not a team with great leader, but a team of leaders.

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                                                                                        Making Teamwork Effective
By Mark Sanborn
The Star, Wednesday
                                                                                        Friday, 23 February 2011

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