Sunday, March 15, 2015

Managing Emotions

Sometimes you feel that if you could change the attitudes or perception of those around you, you could be more effective, successful and fulfilled.  Sometimes you may attempt to change other people, telling them how to react.  The truth is, you cannot.  The good news is that you already have everything you need to succeed.  But one of the biggest hindrances is rooted in emotions – yours and those of others around you.

A person’s internal emotions may be the exact opposite of his external demeanour.  Internal emotions will affect performance and the overall effectiveness of the group.  Each individual affects and is affected by the entire organisation culture.  “Reaction” is the absence of “intelligent action”, and a reaction in one individual will affect a reaction in others.

Much of what hinders the peak performance comes from negative emotion.  Negative emotions are usually spawned by broken expectations.  Usually, when an expectation is not met, people tend to look for external reasons to justify the failure.  In order to gain temporary emotional gratification, other are blamed on.

You don’t manage emotions being an emotional being yourself.  You can just manage the environment in order to nurture more intelligent actions, Thus reducing the knew-jerk reactions.  It is important to realise that for every action taken, every decision made, no matter know small, it will affect the group.  Reactions of any individual will affect everyone else.  Thus learn and study your awareness about what you do and how you react to your environment.  Only when you delve into how emotions affect you and those around you, can change happen.  Then you will make progress not only in your work and effectiveness but also in your humanity

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                                                                  Nurturing Emotions
By Arthur F. Carmazzi
The Star, Wednesday
                                                                  Thursday, 24 February 2011

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