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Some of the most significant and challenging aspect of corporate leader job are:
·         Having grand vision
·         Having the will and determination to drive the vision to fulfilment.
·         Having “dynamic leadership which can be harnessed to inspire other.
But the greatest challenge to those moving up and at to those of the corporate ranks is DELEGATION.

Life is so much simpler when as an employee, one has to only take instructions and to carry out those instruction to the best of one’s activities.  Of course there will be value-added to some tasks.

Delegation is not merely the task of handing out assignment or a list of things to do for one’s staff.  There are 2 components of good delegation (translate into a good boss):
1.    Parcelling out tasks in such a way as to strike a balance between not overburdening experience and capable staff and slowly exposing new employees to more and more challenging.
2.    Figure out the nature of instruction to be passed down in the process of delegation.

The challenge here is for the non-routine tasks where there is no documented process or instruction.  The person will face additional challenge of figuring out the level of details required.  The quality of the expected output will often depends on the clarity of instruction.

Tips to quality outcome from delegation:
1.    Initial investment in time on the part of the boss can prevent the occurrence of early mistakes.
2.    Boss should not fall in love to much with micromanaging the process such that creativity and capabilities are stifled.
3.    Boss need to resist the temptation of wanting to do many things because they can do it faster and better.

Delegating tasks are part and parcel of having people work for you.  So help people to improve their own capabilities by carrying out the delegation in an efficient and timely manner.  The rewards of delegation is that employees are more likely to learn faster, appreciate their jobs more and quickly take on more responsibilities.

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                                                                  Friday, 25 February 2011

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