Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Accept the outspoken and direct employees in order to progress

Despite all the modern management courses, MBA’s leadership courses and sophisticated education, human being still don’t like hearing the direct and frank truth.  Analysis of common workplace culture show that:

-       Bosses never like to be questioned at work
-       Authorities trying to control what we can write in blogs
-       nothing negative is to be said in the media.

Bosses will always say they are open minded and willing to listen and also willing to accept employees who ask questions.  But from experience, the ones who preach this mantra are usually the opposite.  Some organisation even work down employee’s performance if they are too outspoken, even if their work performance is good.

Despite all those, having an outspoken and direct trait has its positive thing.  These people are being honest, straight to the point and telling what most people don’t want to hear.

It’s time to accept the outspoken and direct employees in order to progress.  Just as long as they are just being honest, and speaking their mind, we should let them be.  Better still let’s really listen, because more often than not, what they are saying can be valuable and productive.

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Frankly Speaking
By Ben Ibrahim
StarMetro, Friday
18 February 2011

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