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Top talent are seen as being most capable and they are usually a priority group when it comes to employee engagement.  They typically grab the limelight in every organisation.  Recently a survey was done to examine the differences between top talent and the developing capabilities group.  It is important to engage and retain the capabilities group.

The capabilities group are less positive about their work environment.  They feel less able to speak up and less likely to have sufficient authority to do their jobs well.  The employees feels that their performance are not being evaluated fairly and that they are appropriately recognised.

Fairness is the top engagement driver among this group.  These employees are more engaged when they feel they are treated with respect, fairness and integrity.  Thus, managing both spectrums of employees, the top talent and the developing capabilities is a way to maximise the best performance and the potentials.  Addressing both group is important.

1.        Managing Top Talent
i.                     Articulate compelling vision and sets of values
ii.                    Seek out opinions
-       To improve company competitiveness
iii.                  Involve them in addressing issues
iv.                 Emphasise career progression and personal growth

2.       Managing developing capabilities
i.                     Involve and empower/
ii.                    Encourage and motivate
iii.                  Foster a sense of fairness and inclusion
iv.                 Recognise even small accomplishments
v.                   Seek out opinion
vi.                 Emphasise career progression and personal growth

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Engage Every Employee By Brent Ruge.
The Star, Wenesday
16 February 2011

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