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Time Management - Slides
Everyone has their own hourglass which holds the sands of time.  When all but the last previous grains have fallen to the bottom, death will seek its owner.  Time is a valuable, but finite resources.  In life, we use time to make money, fulfill our ambition and do the fun things we enjoy doing.  But, beware of the thieves of time that threaten to steal away our precious time.

Some of the most common thieves of time:
1.      Those who do not cherish the value of time
·         They are constantly late for appointments due to reasons such as
-       Traffic jams
-       Rushing for some last minute chore
-       Losing track of time
·         Some make it fashionably late
·         Punctually is a serious issue every minute we are made to wait is a minute of our life time lost.
·         Overcoming by
-       Spacing your appointments a part
-       Don’t make appointment it difficult hour and location
-       Starts your function on time regardless
-       Meet your friend halfway

2.      Those who think they know best how to manage other people’s time
·         They devise systems such as time table, work schedules and KPIs.

3.      Ourselves
·         In life, we strive.  We are all driven to climb to the next level.  The road well- trodden is long, winding and filled with plateaus.
·         But there’s also the road less traveled.  It may be more steep and treacherous, but it will take you faster to the peak, and it has fewer plateaus.
·         Whichever road we take, we must never linger too long.  Patience is virtue, but procrastination is thief of time.
·         We think too much, and by the time we act, there’s not much time left.  Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.

Be a master of your own time and space.  Do not let the precious grains in your hour glass just skip way.

Shared From Article
By Raphael Kok Chi Ren
The Star,
Thursday, 31 March 2011

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