Wednesday, December 16, 2015


One might wonder if a short conversation legitimizes the use of the term “friend”.  People usually categorize people they meet and know into categories
·        Acquaintances
·        Friends
·        Colleagues
·        Family
There are different level of trust impose on these groups.

Human instinct has been extremely useful in making these judgements.  The interesting fact is that most of these relationships started with a smile and small talk.

In these increasingly difficult times where there is so little trust in one another, it is heartening that relationships are being built and people can start looking out for one another.

A much as we try to drown negativity with positivity and come out blazing against vitriol and hate, we have to admit that it has become so much part of our lives.  The common adage that we can do at a personal level is to refer to our fellow country man and women as “brothers and sister’ who look out for each other.

            We can start off as friends first!!!!!!

Article By
Niki Cheong
Bangsar Boy
Star Metro, Wednesday
19 August 2015

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