Tuesday, December 29, 2015


The use of the power of a story of a personal flaw to great effect is also known as self-disclosure.  The experience or vulnerability-without-exploitation helps us conclude that we trust each other.  The true strength is found not in perfection but in understanding our own limitations.

          A leader’s ability to demonstrate this self-knowledge shows his/her strength.  People will not cooperate with you if they are suspicious of hidden agendas.  When you focus all your communication on showing your listeners what they might gain, you might seem to them as hiding your gain.  If people think you are hiding or lying, their trust in your message plummets

People will not be influenced by someone who treats them like they are stupid.  Giving is a necessary function of thriving and feeling alive.  The message in the personal experience also will give a glimpse of how alive we feel when we give to others and let our wealth flow both in and out.

Shared from
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Accountants Today
February 2006

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