Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Everyone can focus,
what is needed is the ability to focus at will.

              Concentration is a learned skill and the ability to focus at will requires practise.  Actively learning to focus your attention on those things, thoughts and feeling that you want, while letting go of the ones you don’t’ want, could be the best thing you ever do to enhance your health, well-being, and  happiness.

              Being enthusiastic about a project naturally enables you to focus.  Boredom, anxiety and day-dreaming are usually the main culprits interfering with the ability to concentrate.  There are ways to increase your focus level for those chores that simply must be done whether you enjoy them or not - the unpleasant task:
1.      Change your point of view
2.      Spend a few moment and look for that silver thing.
3.      Build in a few treats along the way
4.      Remind yourself of the final reward at the end of a job well done
5.      Develop your ability to cope with distraction and get back on track

              To maintain, focus, do not overdo work for a reasonable amount of time and give yourself a break.  But do keep in mind that all times of day are not created equal.  So, keep track of the high and low points of your average day.  This will better equipped you to decide when to schedule your productive time.

              Your ability to focus at will is determined by your ability to master living in the present.

Shir Prasad
Better life
Accountant Today
January 2009

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