Sunday, April 10, 2016


Our management style should not be too complicated.  There are many style out there.  But to nail down the most important thing that is the key value of management, is fairness.  Robert Kuok once said:
Do not prejudge people.
It’s about giving everyone equal opportunities.
It’s also about consistent engagement.
If that cannot be done, then people just come in, do their job and go home, nothing more.

How you treat people is what they become.  It doesn’t have to be about big money.  It’s about the human touch.  Entrepreneurship is really about yourself.  It’s not about looking for money because behind every dollar and cent is a human.

Entrepreneurship is about how we transform ourselves by learning, growing and equipping ourselves so that money will look for us.  Success can get to your head if you don’t have direction.

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                                                                                                Louis Tan
                                                                                                Monday 28 December 2015

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