Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Do not stop talking to one another because there is no substitute for the human touch.  Employers should embrace this when dealing with their employees.

In today’s borderer’s world, it was found that there is no balance at the work place.  In any organization, the employers must be more people oriented.  They must engage with their employees at various levels, bottom up and top down.  It is crucial that this engagement involves everybody.

Bosses need to create an inclusive and supportive work environment for their staff, and once that’s in place, the next step is to engage and support them.  Everyone is equally important and contributed to the sustainability of an organization

Effective management requires regular constructive communication policy.  Apart from written policies, the management must continuously engage with their employees regularly.  There is no substitute for the human touch.  Bosses must engage with their workforce through regular face to face discussions.

People of today, have their noses buried in their mobile devices and chat via what’s App, text message and emails.  But you still need to hang out the Mamak stall over roti canai and teh tarik.  This type of engagement is still necessary.

The level of employee’s commitment and willingness to recommend the organisation as a great place to work and to do business, can make or break an organization.  Human capital are company’s asset and it is important to unlock this asset and put them in the right place

Article by Bavani. M
Star Metro, Wednesday
25 November 2016

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