Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Everything you ever need to know about enhancing the productivity of your employees is actually contained in a few simple techniques.  They are the basic human factors of management.  You cannot put a price or value on the factors that drive an employee’s performance.  Most people remain with an employer because of the quality and satisfaction derived from a rewarding and balanced workplace.

1.    Motivation
·         Every employees is unique, an individual in his or her own right. Therefore the motivation to perform better will be different for each person.

2.    Setting goal
·         Have a vision.  Communicate the vision.  Make employees feel like they are a part of the business and this will enhance performance.

3.    Praise
·         Praise your employees for work well done.  Make it an occasion they will remember.  It is important to acknowledge their effort in public.

4.    Feedback
·         Be lavish with praise but selfish with criticism make your employees feel respected and valued.

5.    Management
·         Be available as a resource to your employees.  Be approachable.

Shiv Prasad
Better Life
Accountants Today
February 2009

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