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Persuasion is an essential tool for professional success.  It’s is an attempt to influence a person’s beliefs, attitudes, intentions, motivation or behaviours.  In business, persuasion aims at changing a person’s (or group’s) attitude towards some event, idea or object.

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3 basic steps to be persuasive in the workplace

1.    Know you position
Be clear about what you want to accomplish and why
Set out the specifics
Be clear about your goal
Must believe it’s the right thing
Demonstrate confidence to be convincing

2.    Predict and prepare for objections
Be proactive
Don’t react, instead predict and prepare.
Actively engage in the discussion
Anticipate objections and know how to respond
Prepare to rebut if request being declined
Appeal to their logic
Focus on the impact

3.    Have evidence to support your position
Be prepared to back up facts with concrete proof
Take simples/research
Focus on tangible evidence (from reputable sources)

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How to be persuasive in the workplace
By Chrissy Scivicque
The Star, Monday
11 April 2016

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