Monday, December 25, 2017


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Leicester’s stunning success in clinching the English Premier League title is a testament to amazing accomplishments that can be realised when a group of like-minded individuals get together and decide their aspiration are not going to be impeded by conventional wisdom.

           Successful teams take chances; they jointly determine whether an idea is workable.  Some of the few success factors of Leicester City, as stated by the team’s Vice Chairman:

1.   Treat the players like people not expensive commodities.
2.  Management give their time to the staff, the players and the manager.
3.   Manage the team like a family
4.   Listen to the problems of every single member of staff

           Rather than focussing solely on shareholder value, look after your people’s interest and keep them engaged and feeling appreciated.  In turn, they will do a better job of taking care of your customers and your shareholders will also be happy.

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Teamwork that defies odds
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SMEBIZ, Monday 23 May 2016

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