Tuesday, December 26, 2017


According to Forbes.com, one of the top concerns in business is the lack of future leadership.  Good leaders are hard to find and are becoming increasingly valuable to their companies.  Thus, learning to be the leader every employer want is important.

Tips on learning to be the leader employer wants
When asked about leadership skill and experience.
-       Provide instances of how you helped others succeed
-       Situation where you motivated others
-       How you motivated other
-       How you were able to help other improve or succeed at their goal
-       Consider situations where you have overcome obstacles to achieve your groups’ goal.
-       Situations may involve in social or non-profit organisation or clubs.

Get leadership opportunities
-       Do your work and follow the rules
No one will trust you with big project if you can’t perform the most basic tasks

Learn how the organisation works
-       Be eager to learn
-       Absorb knowledge and don’t be afraid to ask questions
-       View the organisation as a whole
-       Understand organisational inputs
-       Understand why the procedures are the way they are

Help willingly
-       Show enthusiasm and help others
If you are willing to help, people will give you chance
-       Offer to help experienced leader
v  Opportunity to communicate and connect with people
v  Chance to work with people in different departments
v  May help you find mentors or other people with successful behaviours
-       Identify opportunities and display efforts

                                                            Shared from article by:
                                                                                    William Lester
                                                                                    Leading effectively,

                                                                                    The Star, Monday 19 Sept 2016

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