Wednesday, September 9, 2015


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Datuk Jimmy Choo, the towering name which set off the creation of a brand that become synonymous with shoes, is an unassuming, humble and soft-spoken men who talks passionately about his dedication to his craft. Giving back is something he feels strongly about.

Datuk Jimmy Choo’s way:

1.    You don’t just give to people.  People also give to you.  If you think like that, you will never go wrong.

2.    I am always promoting my country.  I want people to share my energy and give back to my country.

3.    Have a protégé.  Make he/her into a success so that he/she can train 10 more people.

4.    In the older days, you learn a skill from your father and pass it down.

5.    I don’t want someone to copy another designer.  It’s not about making money.  My intention is to create something new and original.

6.    You must have the skills to begin with when it comes to being a designer, but it’s also important to educate yourself.

7.    It’s not what you know.  It’s who you know.  If you know people who can help you and you have a good friendship with them, they can help you.

8.    Know your market.  If it’s local focus on local market, and if you want to enter the international market, go there and find out more about it.

9.    Never feel like you’re not good enough.  But at the same time, make sure you are good.

10.  The most important thing is to remain humble and count your blessing.

11.  Be simple, down to earth.  If people support you, you should appreciate it.

12.  Never think you’re big, you have to have determination and come out with something new.  Be simple, down to earth and get along with everyone.

13.  When you sell your business, it’s about your own image as well

14.  You must have teamwork, learn to manage the team and not lose your temper.

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