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There are plenty literary content and people who’ll tell you how to start a business.  Many think you need to have a grand plan for your venture, but there’s no one formula for starting and running your own show successfully.

1.         Market Research is optional
          It’s a good idea to do some market research
          But spending too long on it can hamper progress
         It’s a good idea to do what you think works for you and it requires none other than common sense
          Research in whatever form will take time; use this time wisely
         If you understand your market the market research needed can be minimized.
         Ponder: “are you spending more time in your business than on it”

2.         You don’t have to suit up
          It take s guts to run a business
          Sometimes it’ good not to know what may happen next
          Even through planning, you often cannot what will be.
“a high way needs to go through the rubble before becoming a smooth transport system.
          While it’s good to be poised and confident in public, it’s ok to fumble a little to have a short mental block when someone asks you something.
          People will be more comfortable with someone who is down to earth and honest.
          Your integrity is more important how you look or speak

3.         There’s be ups and downs
          Most of us know that well’ have good and bad days.
          The issue isn’t about having no sales, but how you cope with it.
          Don’t forget the people around you.
          It’s important to maintain relationship with family and friends
          It’s not always about selling if you don’t have a life outside your business, it can be a very lonely ride.

While you can’t control the external forces, persistence, dedication and passion may just get you through.

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Monday 06 April 2014

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