Thursday, September 17, 2015


Lots of ideas usually flood minds of budding entrepreneurs who lie awake at night as their thoughts race and build up like an avalanche.  But sadly in most cases, these wonderful ideas remains just ideas.
Aside from time and money, fear and uncertainty of the unknown halts may from taking that next “grand step” of implementing their ideas.  Some people say they‘re waiting for the “right time”.  The time is now, so don’t procrastinate, just initiate.
The “grand step” meant was just little steps taken that adds up to that “grand step”.  The tips for taking the first step towards the grand step:
1.   Keep it in mind that it’s not a big deal.
It will be more enjoyable and pleasant when you cover small steps or goals along the way.
2.   Get busy
Just work on it now.  Time is precious
3.   Don’t swim with the sharks
When you are coming up with something, it makes a lot more sense if you’re been a consumer of that kind of product or service so that you’re completely familiar with’ it.  When you understand your type of product and consumer inside and out, it saves you a lot of time trying to get things right initially.

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Monday 20 April 2015

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