Monday, May 11, 2015


We should all be rewarded and recognise for having the intellect and dedication to produce good result.  In the frighteningly real world, there are many instances where we are just given more and more work with little or no added compensation; simply because we are efficient.  Therefore the logical thinking ‘to work less efficiently’.  This reality will lead to people not even trying to go the extra mile in their work in case it creates too big a wave with the management or risk getting demoted for rocking the boat.  Bare in mind that demoted does not only mean demoted in rank, it can include responsibilities and authorities.
People, than, may seemed to be lazy because, literally and figuratively, it does not pay to be hardworking.  The many leave the project or even the organization because their creativity may be hampered by the work culture to perform their best.  As the organization grows, the number of employees increases.  This means that the responsibility for livelihood, happiness and health of the people also grow bigger.  Organization should always be trying to create win-win situations for the company and its employees.  Many organizations do not understand that it is not just about the money.
The company’s culture is also an important criteria.  In the long term, that’s what employees seek.  It is important for the ‘people at the top’ to develop a culture that is supportive and not competitive while trying to increase performance and productivity.
We try so hard to create loyalty among customers that we almost always forget to cultivate it among our own employees.  Create a culture where people are happy as well as productive, then sit back and watch the money roll in.

Shared from the article by Xandria Ooi
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