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1.  Lynn Batara

Enterprise Project Management
Office Director
Franklin Templeton Investments
·         Grateful Leader
·         Someone who brings out the best in others
·         Someone who believes in others when they don’t always believe in themselves.
·         Give people the support they need to persevere and grow
·         Cheer the people along the way and celebrate their success.

·         Actions.
·         Appreciate people’s hard work and the tremendous result they produce.
·         Making a difference in the people’s day.
·         Acknowledging that different people respond to different types of acknowledgement
·         Tailored the way of showing appreciation based on who they are and what’s important to them.
e.g: taking out for lunch, sending short email giving new responsibilities.
·         Let people know they are special and valued.
·         Show staff the support and that their role truly matters.

·         Activity of togetherness.
·         Give team members a blank piece of paper and had them write their name at the top.
·         Then passed these papers around the room, giving everyone the chance to write something that he or she appreciated or would remember about each person.
·         This continues until everyone received his or her own page back.
·         This will be a moment of their time together.

·         Valued most
·         The opportunity to express gratitude to the people

2.  Rebort Daniel

Senior Director,
Engineer Quality and continuous improvement,
South Amerika Invensys Control Brazil.
·        Give value to everything
·        Gratitude in life and in work
·        Treat all individuals with respect and courtesy regardless of their walk of life
·        Greet people with warmth and to always say thank you, good morning and the like.
·        See people as people, for who they are and what they have to offer.’
·        Always continually looking for ways to show co-worker and peers the grateful for the things they do.
·        Speak of their achievements in front of the whole team-and present them with a box of candy and an inspiring book.
·        Documented the ceremony.

3.  Xavier Joly

Global Director,
People Development
Volvo Powertrain
·        Spending as much time with the people
·        Empower them, engage them, raise their self-confidence through acknowledgement.
-         From a smile to, involving them in the decision-making process to providing coaching and support, or just simple and truly listening to them
·        Acknowledgement through dedicated, active listening.
·        Value people’s opinions
·        Take time to recognize and acknowledge people’s competence and their ability to find solutions.
·        Exhibit the trust you have in your people.

4.    Michael E.Case

President and CEO
TYhe Westervelt Company
·        Treat other the way you want to be treated.
·        Give or extend ‘help’ when needed
·        Took nothing for granted
·        Never miss an opportunity to thanks other

·        Grateful Leader:
-         Focused on other
-         Be genuinely interested in people to fully appreciate others
-         Trust in the competence of others
-         Honest assessment of one own’s strengths and weaknesses
-         Have low sense of entitlement and high sense of personal accountability.
·        Understand servant leadership
·        Informal recognition recognition through private and public praise as well as personal handwritten notes.
·        Observe how your people treat others because there is a certain reflection of who they are and who they will be in our working environment
·        Be intentional in your actions, and forgive yourself when you fall short.
·        Find something about each person that you can appreciate.

5.     Captain Daniel E. Sosnowk

Commanding Officer Leadership Training Section.
New Your Police Department (NYPD)
·        When a person is focused on being grateful, there isn’t any room left in his or her mind to stew in negativity.
·        All people deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated for the things they do and for who they are.
·        Make sure you are connected with the people
·        The few things that make people feel as good is knowing that their opinion is sought and valued.
·        Excellence deserves praise and acknowledgment.

6.    Janis O’Brayan

Chief Information Officer
Hudson Advisors
·        Grateful Leaders
-         Appreciating, supporting and respecting global team.
-         Understands that team is responsible for the success of the leader.
·        Appreciate opportunities in life
·        Believe that appreciated people do their best work
·        Foster recognition programs reward teamwork, ensure availability of training
·        Send appreciation emels, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries
·        Bringing in food for no reason, have small group lunches to share ideas and talk about their life
·        Performance employee satisfaction survey.
·        Dedicate time to network
·        Make time to give back to community
·        Foster a culture of gratitude
·        Empowering sharing of ideas and have face time with the senior leadership.

7.    Primitivo Davis

Bridge Chaplain
Third Brigade Combat Team
Tenth Mountain Division Us Army
·        Thankful for the privilege to lead other
·        Use the sphere of influence to better individuals, who in turn better others, which in turn betters the world
·        Consciously worked to develop an appreciation for the “little things”
·        Gratitude spread out over time for the little things is more effective.

8.    Walter Robb

Whole Foods Market
·         Focusing on gratitude brings an emotional awareness of others to  the foreground
·         Love what you do and the people with whom you work give reason to be grateful.
·         Belief in people
·         Learn to ask question rather than give orders
·         Hear people’s stories and create space for them to feel acknowledged
·         Foster culture in which people feel listened to valued, empowered and respected
·         Focus on 3 things
o   Gratitude for opportunity
o   Humility for it being a team effort
o   Giving back to the group
·       Believing in the team than pushing them to follow through on their talent
·        Learn to give others space and inspire them to work hard and take responsibility.
·        Gratitude naturally stems from acknowledgement of people talent and creativity
·        Leadership requires a constant recalibration of how to be true one’s personal drive and still be true and open to others

9.     Tom Laforge

Global Direction Of Human and Cultural Insights
The Cola-cola Company.
·        Gratitude is the instrumental in forging positive relationship
·        Expressing gratitude is contagious, inspiring more people to express gratitude for others
10.  Mark Addicks

Chief Marketing Officer
General Mills.
·        Informal recognition is the best and most meaningful way to acknowledge others
·        Having a balanced sense of self, accepting that there is much more beneath the surface, and recognizing that sharp judgements are often a dangerous way to lead

·        Grateful leaders
-         Strive to find the best in other and in themselves
-         Recognize the role and contribution of every individual.
·        Learn how simple acts of acknowledgement could eliminate so much negativity in life.

11.  Kimberly Supersano

Chief Marketing Officer
Prudential Annuities
·        Conduct one-on-one with employees
-         Know their hopes
-         What not to change
-         Get to know as individuals beyond the workplace.
·        Challenge employees to go outside of their comfort zones
·        Strong proponent of giving people opportunities to capitalize their strengths
·        Organized activities including employee’s families.

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