Thursday, May 7, 2015


While the local workforce is still frying to wrap its head around a five-day work week in all sector, the world is already being exerted to an even shorter work week.  Three days.  With technology and automation, people are able to work well into their golden year and exerted their productivity spans.  Carlos Slim, Mexican telecom mogul, claims that where folks can enjoy a four day weekend, society will have a better quality of life and thus producing more productive employees.  Happy families equal workers.

This ideas, does prompt a look into flexi-working hours, or reorganizing the work schedule with technology on the rise and increase in live expectancy, it is not impossible for companies to consider trimming work week hours.

·         An increasing number of research and corporate studies further support that a shorter week increased productivity, improved health and enhanced employee retention rates.
·         Not acceptable for local councils and government as in the case of Utah.
May not be suitable for service industries too
·         Cutting down work week means workers have to work longer hours.  Longer hours meant working parents had to changes to accommodate the new work schedule.
·         Companies need to be creative in making the compressed work week model practical and appealing.
-       Consider staggering worker’s work schedules one group can work 10 hour week Mondays to Thursday.  The other group works the same number of hours Tuesday to Fridays.  This way, companies can ensure customer get access to them throughout the week.
·         Telecommunicating and flexi-work hour are other options.  Technology has massively facilitated working from home.
·         Motivate employees to work diligently and be more focussed.
·         These should be zero tolerance for frivolous activities and distractions during working hours.

To balance up, employees should not be allowed to bring work home.  There should be a distinct separation between more and play.  Only when organization and people are willing to change their mind sets and attitudes can the work week be trimmed for a more productive outcome.

                                                                                        Shared From article by:
                                                                                        Anis Ramli
                                                                                        Balance, Accountant Today         
                                                                                        January/February 2015

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