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Succession planning and leadership development must become priority for organization looking to succeed.  Many organization did not prepare for the senior leader gaps leading to mature managers and senior leader exiting the workforce taking with them their wisdom and wide experience.  Organization are compelled to fill the leadership gaps with those lacking with the right skills, knowledge and behavior necessary to take on the fill weight of a senior management position.  The much needed “things” in order to move the organization to the next level.
Transitions can be times of both great opportunity and great risk when assuming a new leadership role regardless of the amount of experience a leader may have.  The challenges for leader who are newly promoted to roles lies in understanding and developing the competencies required to be successful at the next level.  A manager’s success in his previous role does not necessarily equate to success in the current new role.

Core transitional skills required.
Goal, Setting and strategy
·         Important to identify the right goals
·         Develop a supporting strategy
·         Align the architecture of the organization
·         figure out projects to pursue to secure early wins
Develop emotional intelligence
·         Demonstrate a high degree of emotional intelligence
·         Create an environment of positive morale and higher productivity
·         Sensitive to team member, subordinates’ needs and an understanding of what motivated them.
Build and foster key relationship
·         Develop skills set
-       Relationship management
-       Communication
-       Negotiation
-       Conflict resolution
Manage personal outlook and Perspective
·         Consider working with a coach who help examine leadership attitudes, perspective
·         Develop a plan to work on areas that need improvement

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                                                                                        Merle Chan
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                                                                                        27 October 2011

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