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A flexible and empowering working environment helps to motive workers to go the extra mile.

Employers often talk about how difficult it is to retain young talents in a company.  But according to Datuk Micheal Tio, CEO of PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd, companies need to tweaked their corporate culture and practices in order to motivate and nurture young and existing talents.  Open communication, trust and empowerment are some of the key elements that work successfully with Generation Y.

Young people value connectivity, and being able to communicate openly with their superiors helps foster trust and good working relationship with colleagues.

·         Adopting a Facebook-compulsory approach  in the effort to bridge the communication gap
o   Employees are able to be more involved with the growth of the company
o   Employees are able to regularly contributing to the conversation at the workplace
·         Providing flexible work environment to encourage teamwork
o   Treating office not just a workspace; there’s sauna, gym and nice pantry area
o   Treating pantry as the most important place in the office where
§  Staffs are chit chatting with each other
§  Eating at different times of the day
§  Staffs can also work from the pantry
·         Emphasizing on the importance of trusting the staffs to be responsible for their own work rather than dictating how many hours they put in
o   Employees are proud to work for the company when they are empowered to do more
o   They won’t purposely abuse the trust
·         Motivating employees to work towards the goal when targets for the year have been laid down
·         Cultivating a positive attitude and environment that will nurture them to work
o   Employees should be allowed to do what they want once they are done with their day’s work instead of giving them more work that someone else can’t finish
o   ‘We should not punish people for being able to finish their work efficiently’

Companies will find it difficult to grow and keep with the times if they do not adapt to attract young talents.  You need to bring yourself down to their level.  Connect with them and they will be motivated and inspired to do a lot for the company.  Young talents will improve and innovate for their company

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