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Supersize your snack (really)

New research from Pennsylvania State University found that people who munch on puffy or airy foods ate less – 70 fewer calories.

Curb your Cola habit now!

Drinking too much may harm your bones.  A recent study from Tufts University found that women who sipped 3 regular or diet colas a week had less-dense hip bones.  Thinner bones put you at risk for osteoporosis.
Some research suggest that cola’s caffeine and phosphoric acid may block calcium absorption. 
Your best bet: Limit your intake to one 8-ounce (236ml) glass once or twice a week

Tea with milk

If you always add a splash of milk to your mug of English Breakfast, you may be cancelling out tea’s heart-healthy benefits.  The dairy product reduces the amount of catechins, antioxidants found in tea that protect against heart disease and cancer, by 80% (European Heart Journal).


The perfect snack at less than 50 calories per pop.  Just one fulfils your daily vitamin C needs.

What your cravings really mean

(Nan Kathryn Fuchs, PhD, author of The Health Detective’s 456 Most Powerful Healing Secrets)
Gummy Bears
Your body may want energy.

Get at least 15 grams of protein at every meal from fish, beans, or lean meat.

Chocolate has high heart-healthy magnesium.  The levels dip during your period.

Aim for at least 300 milligrams of the mineral a day – in a cup of black beans and a cup of cooked spinach.

French Fries
Good fat
Likely coming up short on healthy fatty.

Incorporate them into meals by drizzling a tablespoon of olive oil over your salad or veggie, or eat several servings of fish a week.

Salty Pretzels
B vitamins
Desire for salt comes when your adrenal gland that produces stress hormones goes overdrive.

Snack on bananas or whole grain crackers.

A healthier kitchen

The typical kitchen sponge contains more than 7 billion disease causing bacteria, viruses, and parasites.  University of Florida studies finds that you can kill virtually all those germs by microwaving a wet sponge at full power for 2 minutes.
Make sure the sponge is sopping wet, as nuking a dry one could cause it to catch fire.

Probiotics from other than yogurt

Regularly eating foods with probiotics – bacteria found naturally in your digestive tract – has been shown to help soothe stomach woes and boost your immune system.  Besides yogurt, there are only a few fermented food that have them, like:
·         Sauerkraut
·         Kimci (Korean pickled cabbage)
·         Miso (a soy paste)
Probiotics are living creatures and are only active at cool temperatures, so those found in vitamins, energy bars and cereals usually aren’t helpful.

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