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1.1    See change as inevitable

Remember that needs and desires constantly evolve, and that’s completely normal.

1.2    Always have a plan b

Often when something doesn’t work out, a better opportunity arises.  Practice seeing the possibilities in life by making small changes – with small risks – in daily routines.  Doing small things differently makes you realize that you have many options in every area of your life.

1.3    Separate fact from fiction

Keep your attention focused on what’s real, rather than what might be, will help prevent unnecessary anxiety.

2      Down and out of work?

2.1    Keep a schedule

Maintain a sense of purpose by scheduling daily activities during working hours and stick to them.

2.2    Take advantage of your time out

Get creative or learn a new skill.  Acquiring knowledge boosts confidence and opens up new avenues of employment.

2.3    Appreciate who you are

Focus on your many other achievements.

2.4    Stay in touch

Do it through networking.

3      Holding better meetings

3.1    Have an agenda

If possible email it to all participants before the meeting.

3.2    Meet for specific reasons

Ø  Not because it’s on a schedule.

3.3    Make and distribute post-meeting notes

To remind people of what was discussed and decided.

3.4    Break into smaller groups

Ø  For brainstorming whenever you can

3.5    Set a time limit

Stick to it.  Start on time.

4      be a success story

Remembering a past failure is one of the best ways to reach a new goal.  Recalling the negative emotions reminds you of feeling you’d like to avoid.  So don’t block out the pitiful experience.

5      why you should gossip

Sharing a little snarky gossip can turn out to be one of the most effective ways to cement a new friendship or work relationship.  But this doesn’t mean you have to disparage someone you know personally to form a bond.  Dishing about celebrities or other public figures is just as effective.

6      just do it!

Some people makes it a habit to hit the snooze button, avoiding some other things in life.  Procrastinating does nothing.  The best way is to address the underlying problem.  Ask yourself:
o   why you are outing it off
o   what’s the worst thing could happen if you tackled it head-on
Do whatever you can to get started.

7      Feel better everyday

7.1    Tend to your body first

Ø  Workout in the morning, if you can
Ø  Send a few minutes doing crunches, knee bends, lunges and light stretching when you get up
Ø  Have a nutritious breakfast

7.2    Engage your brain

Ø  Be more mindful of what you are doing
Ø  Savor the taste and texture of your food when eating
Ø  When working-out, focus on the body part you’re working

7.3    Take a time out

Ø  Push yourself away from your desk
Ø  Go for a walk
Ø  Reconnect with your breath of thoughts
Ø  Find your center

8      5 ways to really love yourself and your body

8.1    lose your obsession with numbers

Ø  keep track of improvements beyond losing weight
Ø  zero in on how strong you feel
Ø  gain an appreciation for what your body can do
Pepper Schwartz, PhD, Professor of Sociology, University of Washington, Seattle

8.2    applaud your efforts

Ø  record your efforts on scorecards
Ø  achieve 10 clicks on the scorecard to make you happy
Ann Kearney-Cooke, PhD, Shape advisory board member

8.3    exercise outdoor

Ø  work out in gorgeous places
Ø  be in touch with soothing beauty
Ø  focus on environment
Pepper Schwartz, PhD, Professor of Sociology, University of Washington, Seattle

8.4    help someone in need

Ø  volunteer to assist those less fortunate
Ø  helps to put own worries in perspective
Ø  paying attention to the needs of others makes you forget about your own anxiety
Barbara Burlow, PhD, associate director of Columbia University Psychiatric Day Treatment Program in New York

8.5    give yourself a regular mirror check

Ø  when looking at the mirror reflection, practice thanking all the body parts for how well they keep us healthy
Ø  be proud of your body
Rhonda Britten, author of Do I Look Fat in This? (Dutton)

Shared from:
Shape, June 2007

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