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Many people feel that entrepreneurship is a good career choice.  But very few have the intention of starting a new business or owning one in the near future.  This could be due to a perceived lack of opportunities and lack of confidence.
Starting any sort of business usually involves risks of some kind.  That is why only those who are not weighed down by too many responsibilities who are usually raring to take on challenges.

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Some Ways to Find Business Ideas or Opportunities
Back to basics
           Nothing quite beats having an actual shop of your own
o   Finding a suitable and affordable space
o   Licensing
           Do your homework if you are thinking of acquiring a business that’s for sale
      Check that everything is in place before committing to a deal

The modern way to go
                  Using apps seem like a good place as nay to do business

Franchise opportunities
           The thing to go for if you have the financial support

Real life
            The basis of many successful business is the ability to provide a product or service that serves real need.
             Real life is actually a good place to find business ideas
             Pay attention to the gripes and problems around you and a niche potential business will eventually reveal itself
          Do your research and find the right sources or people to get your business started


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