Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Do what you love
Make a list of all the things you are passionate about or that interest you

Think about the industries and market it touches on

Think about the companies in those areas whose product and services you like

Look into starting up a related business

Welcome the competition

Pick specific example of what you think competitor are doing brilliantly

Try to learn why it work so well

Look for areas where the business is performing less well

Work out how are your start up could improve on things

Get in contact with the business founders and ask plenty of question

Think about what you hate
Think about things that annoy confuse or even anger you

What change would you like to make

Do not censor you thoughts; just write

Think about moment when you’re experienced frustration

Think about how it would be improved

Build a business that fixes some of those process

Take a step back
Take some times out of your day are think about how you can act on the items and make the world a little but better

Start testing your ideas

Be brave and must accept that there are a lot of risks

Ask friends what they see as your strengths

Don’t be afraid to ask love ones for support

Shared From
Sir Richard Charles
Monday 20 April 2015

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