Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Selling an idea isn’t easy.  The key starts with perfecting your business pitch.  A great pitch can do many things.  The first step toward delivering a great pitch is to keep it human.  Let the passion shine through by being yourself and allowing your points to come across naturally.  Use human to connect with the audience and demonstrate creativity.

Facts and figures are important.  But remember not to down people in number.  If you don’t have any supporting data, sell people your vision and dream.  Keep in mind that people want to invest in people.  So talk about previous success.

Building a business for scratch is tough.  Remember that many thought Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton had crazy ideas in their time.  But it is passionate and tenacious thinkers like them who tend to change the  world for the better.

Shared From Article by
Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson
SMEBIZ, Monday
18 May 2015

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