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Musa a.s and his wife lost their way.  When night set in, he could not light a fire and start to search for some direction.  He saw light tickle from a mountain top.  Musa a.s. approached the light alone and he realized that the light illuminated from a big thorny free.  When he came near, he heard a voice.  Allah s.w.t. spoke to Musa a.s. directly at the valley of Tuwa in Al-Tur Mountain.
Musa a.s. hurried back to Egypt to meet his mother and immediate family.  He took Harun a.s. with him and headed towards Pharaoh’s palace.  Musa a.s took opportunity while in the palace in the presence of Ministers and other palace officials to show miracles Allah s.w.t. has bestowed upon him.  Pharaoh falsely accused Musa a.s. and Harun a.s. of sorcery magic.  They challenged Musa a.s. and Harun a.s. to a contest against the best magicians in the land of Egypt.
Pharaoh selected 40 of his best magicians.  Musa a.s. suggested that the contest be held on a festival day so that all could see Allah’s s.w.t. miracle and perhaps believed in His message.  The magicians threw their rods and ropes and these items started to move and shake.  People became terrified seeing so many apparent snakes.  Allah s.w.t. commanded Musa a.s. to throw what was in his right hand.  Musa a.s. rod became a huge snake and gobbled up the false snakes.  Musa a.s. had defeated the magician.  The magicians recognized what Musa a.s. brought was not of magic but miracle from true Lord, Allah s.w.t.  They prostrated and declared their belief in Allah s.w.t.  Pharaoh was furious.  Pharaoh clearly lost the contest.
Pharaoh and his people increased their oppression against Bani Israil.  The oppression against Bani Israil increased as Musa a.s. and Harun a.s. persisted and continued demanding Pharaoh to cease this atrocities.  Musa a.s. asked them to put their full trust in Alah s.w.t.  Allah s.w.t. then ordered Musa a.s. and Harun a.s. to provide help for their people in Egypt.  Allah s.w.t. ordered them to put out sign on their houses so that when the appointed day come, it would be easy to recognize their houses and informed them of the necessary actions to be taken.  Allah s.w.t. accepted prayers from Musa a.s. and Harun a.s. to punish Pharaoh and his chiefs.

The rich chiefs of Egypt saw their wealth, food, even eggs and lentils hardened like stone. The rain stopped and great River Nile dried up.  Pharaoh requested Musa a.s. to ask Allah s.w.t to shop the distress.  In exchange Musa a.s. demanded Pharaoh to stop punishing Bani Israil.  Musa a.s. prayed to Allah s.w.t. and the rain fell and River Nile flowed again.  But Pharaoh cheated on his promise.  Bani Israil was again tormented.
Allah s.w.t. sent down the next punishment.  The shortage of fruits.  The trees would bear only one fruit each.  Again Pharaoh called upon Musa a.s. to relieve then from this calamity, making the same promise to free Bani Israil.  Musa a.s. prayed to Allah s.w.t.  The fruits returned and Egypt was prosperous again.  Pharaoh again reenacted his commitment.  Allah s.w.t. sent down a strange phenomenon which caused hardship in the land.  Then there were the floods.  The Nile over flowed and flooded the whole of Egypt.  It destroyed all houses except of Bani Israil.  Again Pharaoh called upon Musa a.s. to relieve them of the calamity and promised not to prosecute Bani Israil.  Again Musa a.s complied and again Pharaoh broke his promise.
The locusts came in thousands and destroyed all the forms of Egyptians.  The locust did not swarm upon the farms of Bani Israil.  After the locusts, lice came and attack hair and spreads to bodies and everywhere in their home.  Bani Israil were completely spared from the lice.  Then frogs in thousands invaded into the lives of Egyptians and again the frogs did not invade the house and lives of Bani Israil.
Then Allah s.w.t. sent a really punishing sign where water for Egyptians turned into blood.  The same source of water which provides normal water to Bani Israil would turn into the blood when any Egyptian draws up from it.  They were desperate and begged for water from Bani Israil, but when the water is poured into their possession into a container to give to Egyptian, the water would turn red and become blood.
The final punishment was severe.  Pharaoh and his people again asked Musa a.s. to pray to Allah s.w.t.  When punishment was lifted Pharaoh finally let Bani Israil go.  Afraid that Pharaoh would change his mind, Bani Israil began their migration that night itself.  When morning came Pharaoh realized his mistake and decided to chase after the Bani Israil.  When they finally caught up with Musa a.s. and Bani Israil, they had reached shore of Al-Qalzam sea near, Red Sea.  Musa a.s. struck the face of the sea with his rod.  The sea split and became 2 mountains of water.  A dry path was paved right across the sea and on both sides of it water is still towering like a mountain.  Musa a.s. and Harun a.s. ushered Bani Israil to cross the sea to the other side.  Pharaoh is still a while away and move forward and followed path into sea.
When the last of Bani Israil has crossed the sea safely, Pharaoh and his soldiers were in the middle of the sea.  Allah s.w.t. then ordered the sea water to join up again.  The 2 huge mountains of water collapsed and drowned all those still remaining along that path.  No on survived that ordeal.  Allah s.w.t. allowed the corpse of Pharaoh to float on the sea to be recovered and preserved as a mummy.  The Pharaoh that is referred to as mummy is known by the name of Ramses.  Musa a.s., Harun a.s. and the Bani Israil travelled safely to their cherished homeland Jerusalem.

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