Thursday, July 4, 2013


The two-minute presentation
Develop a two-minute pitch that introduces you, your business, and the unique value you can offer.  The pitch should be very easy to understand, describe the solution you offer and reflect your passion about what you do.

Establishing your credibility
Credibility is everything.  But credibility isn’t just a function of title.  It is a product of confidence.  You don’t have to be word-perfect but you do need to be focused and organized.  Your preparations and readiness will speak volumes.

Retaining visual information
A study at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business found the retention rate of verbal-only presentations ran at about 10%.
Combining verbal with visual messages increased retention rates by nearly 400% to 50%

Thinking like a presenter
Growing and developing your presentation skills
  • Practice narrative techniques in casual conversation
  • Identify and follow natural characteristics
  • Watch how listener respond to different approaches in everyday conversation
  • Attend presentation by others
  • Be a collector of anecdotes, stories and quotes
  • Work on building one skill at a time
  • Get as much feedback
  • Get targeted feedback

The 7-38-55 rule
According to a study by Dr. Albert Mehrabian of the University of California, how much we like someone when we first meet them depends on only 7% on what they say.  Tone of voice accounts for 38%.  The remaining 55% is down to body language and facial expression.

Wrapping up
Signal in advance the intention to close off questions.  Take a moment to summarize your key points.  Leave ON n upbeat and positive note, and thank people for their time and their attention.

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The Ten Essential Skills For Achieving High Performance
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